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Take off with the ‘mobile’

Various analysts forecasts predict that before 2015 there will be more “mobile users” that Internet users worldwide.


Mobile Web everywhere

for everyone With mobile marketing, you earn throughout proximity to your customers: at home, at work, traveling … and, for 2D codes, by providing an opt-in approach.


Lynkware provides you with the right tools

Lynkware offers a modular platform available online 24h/24h – 7/7 to create your 2D codes for all your printing media and generate mobile pages, videos, a web portal completely formatted for mobile handsets with a few clicks: simply, quickly and without any language development knowledge.


Follow your audience

2D codes are now an easy way to create multichannel audience to monitor the level of interest from many mobile consumers. How many people have scanned the code that appears on your company brochure at your last show? How and where people have scanned the leaflets of such firm ? From which mobile and when your poster has been scanned?

A qualitative and precise measure of your scans and mobile pages traffic will be then possible.


Rich marketing

With our platform your communication and printing marketing becomes multimedia by offering video, audio, animation, advertising, lottery, contests … Our dedicated video streaming platform adapts the video content to the mobile connected (operating system and model) and it allows you to stream your content ad-free parasite (like on Youtube or Dailymotion for example.).



Make several campaigns and deliver at all times various messages to a mixed audience; automatically send a different content depending on the user location (eg: two people who owns the same catalog including the same printed 2D code may receive a different content depending on their location)… this is possible via our ecosystem… be close to your customers!


Make your markting more viral

Send your viral message by encouraging the sharing of your mobile web pages content via email or social networks: Google+, Facebook, Twitter …


Generate new leads

Quickly create forms contact for your potential leads and use new technologies to encourage people to subscribe to your mailing list via their mobile.



We offer permanent use codes: they are reusable and modifiable without having to reprint them. Thus, through the same code and with a single click, you can use your printed code linked to your mobile home page a day and linked to a video the following week, or even for a message during a promotional event the month after … all without having to reprint a new code on your print media.